Things you will need for a kitchen

Planning for your restaurant opening is such a big process, and here at Lloyd Catering Equipment, we want to ensure that your restaurant catering equipment is up to scratch before your grand opening. As part of the planning process, you’ll want to make sure the big things are sorted as well as each knife and fork needed to make your opening night a big success.

When planning how your new catering space will look, you will need a list of all the equipment you will need – from the kind of commercial cooker that your chefs will want to use to how to create a workspace that flows enough for a busy catering business.

It’s all in the details.

You will need to make sure your measurements are right. You’ll need to make sure these are accurate so that your designer can ensure that you make the most of the kitchen space made available to you.

Think the numbers through.

You will need to think about how many covers your chefs will be servicing in your commercial kitchen. You will need to make sure that every knife and fork are accounted for, don’t just rely on the number of covers – you’ll need to make sure that your kitchen and equipment can cater for at least 20% more than you can manage. This means that your table turnover can be managed by your team, catering equipment down to the last detail.

Bring in the VR technology to kitchen design.

Make sure you talk through your vision with your designer. The team at Lloyd Catering can help you envisage your dream by using Virtual Reality Technology so that you can walk through and see where each item and surface will be placed and give you a feel for the flow from the cooker to moment your chefs call ‘service’. Why not bring your team in to write a wishlist as they’ll be the someone who cooks, not me!

Finally, your restaurant catering equipment will need to be the best for your budget. We can find the solutions that work for you and offer a plan to ensure it runs smoothly on installation and afterwards by working with partners to ensure regular maintenance for you vital items like the cooker and other electrical items so that you can be confident that they are in good working order at all times!

Our team of designers will guide you through from concept to completion so that you can be thoroughly confident that you have all you need to make your commercial kitchen a complete success. We are happy to go through your vision and ideas with you to ensure that you feel at ease every step of the process. Give us a call to see when we can get you on the first step to restaurant success!