Commercial Kitchen Design

Professional Kitchen Planning & Design

Every food service establishment is unique and will operate differently than others, so when planning your operation, you need to decide what will help you best meet your kitchen goals. There is no perfect formula for a commercial kitchen layout. There are generally a few basic kitchen design layouts to consider that succeed in combining solid kitchen design principles and kitchen components effectively.

Three options really form the basis of the kitchen design, the island-style – central cooking area with all other sections on the perimeter, zonal style – all areas have a designated section within the building footprint, and assembly line layout – ideal for rapid, large quantity production.

Initially, we’ll need to determine the bare bones of your design including the location and size of the kitchen area, the number of customers to be catered for, and the service style. When these elements have been established and agreed, we can finalise the specifics of several key design aspects such as how to create a dynamic and practical workflow, appropriate space allocation and your equipment specifications.

Don’t forget, the ease and speed of operation is vital to ensuring your customers have a satisfactory experience they’ll happily recommend. Your patrons are the key to success and as such, having a clear operation and functional kitchen is a fundamental part of your business mechanics.

You’ll also need your commercial kitchen to allow for flexibility to keep up with the growing demands of your venture and changing design trends. We’re currently experiencing a rise in the demand for ‘theatre’ or open kitchens which offer customers a more immersive experience while adding to the aesthetics of the dining area but that’s not to say it’ll be the most appropriate design for your vision. Designing, planning and installing a commercial kitchen is a sizeable investment so you’ll need to choose the right option for the end user without feeling pressured to align with current design trends that might not be the ideal option. The better choice is a commercial kitchen that can be easily altered for trialling new ideas and schemes.

Our highly-skilled team are passionate and dedicated with a wealth of experience and specific industry knowledge tucked under their belts.

They’re committed to creating commercial kitchen solutions that’ll provide long-term value and a lasting return on investment for our clients and ensuring that every single detail meets or exceeds your expectations.