Use Of Virtual Reality in commercial kitchen design

Here at Lloyd Catering, we know that it is important for our clients to truly visualise their kitchen project and see what their ideas will look like on completion. We can now offer a solution to this during the initial consultation stages with our Virtual Reality tours of their new kitchen. You’ll be able to see if the concept you’ve budgeted for will look fabulous in the space as well as adding the smaller details, like table settings and seating arrangements.

Virtual Reality use in our kitchen design process

Our VR can be offered to all clients. We can propose several options and we can advise the best solutions to fit your design process. We look at all the things you’ll need in your kitchen from the storage and preparation elements to bigger components such as cooking lines or suites and food service options which best serves their kitchen and design purposes. You give us the ideas, we will provide the rest, except the chef!

When we first started using VR in 2017, we invited consultant chef, presenter and author Simon Rimmer to trial our VR system for himself. We were keen to show how adopting virtual reality systems in kitchen design can help our clients visualise their projects before ploughing their finances into their design enabling them to make changes and adapt before the project team are on site.

Simon Rimmer said:

“In the catering, industry staff must be able to work quickly and efficiently, often under pressure and good design is fundamental to a commercial kitchen environment. The technology developed by Lloyd Catering Equipment heralds a significant step forward in the way that kitchen designs are developed and tested.”

“The experience, which is remarkably similar to walking around a physical kitchen provides a deeply engaging and clear insight into how the layout will function “.

Our Room Scale VR system can show our clients how your commercial kitchen will look during the final project phase and on completion. You’ll feel like you can touch and use the appliances as you are transported into a 3D virtual! We believe that the use of VR in our commercial catering design process is essential for our clients as well as us. Visualising a project can give reassurance and aid a complete development of the space clients are working in. It can also give the client’s catering team a good idea of where they’ll be working as well as the opportunity to give valuable feedback before the project commences to the on-site stage.

Overall, VR contributes to a more functional result as the client can gather a better understanding of both the aesthetics and the ergonomics of the kitchen.

To find out more about the VR service which Lloyd offer, or contact the team on 01709 740540 to find out more.