Focus on VR

At Lloyd, we believe it is important for our clients to be able to clearly visualise their kitchen project and what it will potentially look like once complete, which is why we are pleased to offer a specialist VR service.

There are several types of VR offered to clients, from using a plastic box which simply allows you to see a 3D image of the finished result from using a technological system with a headset.

Room scale VR, the VR service which Lloyd offer, involves putting on a headset where the client is transported into a 3D kitchen which will mirror the finished project. Using this type of VR, the user is free to walk around wherever they wish as if they are in a real catering environment.

Kitchen design is very specific and often involves the reconfiguration of existing spaces, meaning it is often hard to imagine the end result on paper. While floorplans are a good way of determining how the final space will eventually look, our virtual reality software uses state-of-the-art technology which enables our clients to not just get an idea of what the kitchen will look like, but most importantly how it will flow and feel like to work in.

Using VR can help to paint a clear picture of how chefs and staff can interact with the space in the kitchen whilst working, as it is highly important that the kitchen is planned out well enough for staff to work efficiently. Lloyd often make great use of VR as it allows for a far better sense of environment and understanding of the configuration and flow.

Overall, VR contributes to a more functional end result as the client is able to gather a better understanding of both the aesthetics and the ergonomics of the kitchen. To find out more about the VR service which Lloyd offer, contact the team on 01709 740540 to find out more.