Project Fulfilment

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When the design phase is completed, we’ll assign your project to one of our Project Managers who’ll be responsible for overseeing and handling all aspects of the scheme going forwards including attending Site Meetings and liaising with all relevant contractors and site officials. From concept to handover, they’ll ensure that all of the steps are accomplished accurately, promptly, and within the agreed budget.

Two of the main components to your new commercial kitchen will be the initial outlay of purchasing your required catering equipment and the installation of adequate ventilation systems.

When it comes to selecting your commercial catering equipment it’s vital that you make sure the appliances effectively satisfy your requirements. In particular, we’ll focus on quality, durability, efficiency and functionality as ticking these boxes will always pay off in the long run and, as a rule, buying new with warranties and maintenance provisions is a sure fire way to ensure your commercial kitchen works at its optimum. Avoiding ‘down time’ and the cost of any unnecessary replacements or repairs is essential for preserving your profits.

When considering your requirements, you’ll need to cover basic needs, sufficient work surfaces, food preparation, cold storage, storage racking, ware washing facilities and plating/finishing areas. Our experienced and highly-trained team will work with you and your operators to ensure all of the necessary aspects are reviewed and catered for.

Moving on to ventilation, it’s imperative that the system is compliant with current regulations and delivers a good working environment for your staff members. You simply cannot be frugal with this aspect of your kitchen design and your installation will need to meet all recommendations for extract (removing/reducing fumes and other airborne elements) and input (fresh clear air to balance the system) air rates together with air quality inside and outside of the kitchen area.

There are a number of products available to enhance a ventilation system, some of which are non-negotiable depending on your choice of equipment. This includes gas interlock panels, Co2 monitors/alarms, odour control, noise attenuation, tempered air controls etc.

The Project Manager will be your lead contact during this stage of the process and will be extremely proficient on site to ensure efficient implementation and completion of your new commercial kitchen design.

Understanding and interpreting our client’s objectives is an essential part of our skill set and what makes us the right choice for your business. We combine this insight with our revered experience and expertise to create and deliver your ideal workspace.